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Feng Shui Tour
(This tour is under the program of "People and Places -
Cultural Kaleidoscope"
of Hong Kong Tourism Board.)

Feng Shui, or "wind and water", is a 3,000-year-old system of geomantic divination teaching humans how to achieve harmony with the forces of nature and change, thereby gaining well-being and prosperity.

In modern Hong Kong you might have thought that feng shui would have been dismissed as mumbo-jumbo. But not so; in fact many of the soaring offices and apartment blocks that now punctuate the skyline were laid out in accordance with feng shui principles. The lessons of feng shui are universal, and the supernatural" luck-bringing energy" of the world dragons can be harnessed everywhere in the world. So join the Feng Shui Tour which stops at Lung Cheung Road lookout, Wanchai and Statue Square in Central and learn all about this fascination side of Chinese Culture.


Stop at one of the most revelatory viewpoint on the heights of Kowloon. Overlooking the scenic splendor of Victoria Harbour, the old Kai Tak runway and learn how Hong Kong's highest mountain, Tai Mo Shan, the range of hills flanking the Kowloon Peninsula and the harbour work together to bring what is called "Good feng shui" to the area.

The principles of Feng Shui also flourish amid downtown modernity. High-tech Intelligent towers obey the millennia-old building codes of feng shui. Stop at the China Resources Building in Wanchai commercial district, find the unique garden setting, auspicious animals statue there and learn how to explore favorable forces,
countering undesirable influences, coping with the constant changes of nature.
Proceed to the harbor front of Admiralty district, visit the New Headquarter of Hong Kong Government Offices and learn more in a Feng Shui perspective.

A short ride along downtown to Statue Square in Central, Hong Kong's main commercial and financial district. See some of Hong Kong's most modern buildings, for example, the Bank of China Tower, the Standard Chartered Bank and Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank buildings and learn why the site of the latter is known in feng shui term as "a dragon's den".

Duration : 3.5 hours
Regular Tour operates on every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
(Except 1st, 2nd and 3rd days of the Chinese New Year, Christmas Day and New Year Day.)
Charter Tour is available for group.