About us



SB Sky Bird Tours & Services Ltd is a licensed travel agency in Hong Kong administrated by a team of experience know-how and expertise. It is a member of The Federation of Hong Kong Chinese Travel Agents, Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong and working together with various local hotels to develop Chinese and overseas markets.

Established in 1995, the company has allocated its current resources efficiently, stabilize our strengths in the diversification of business. We specialize in destination management services of all kinds of tour, travel-related arrangement and significant events, whether for individuals or large delegations. Our quality service and professionalism are designed to meet with our client's exact requirements. And our connections and efficiency are the guarantee of their confidence and success at each patronage.

Being beneficial from the background foundation and support, we are strong in North America, Asia-Pacific, of course here in Hong Kong and undoubtedly PRC. Connection is reliable and network is efficient that make our company a neat image of corporate reputation in those markets.


  •  Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong (TIC)
  • The Federation of Hong Kong Chinese Travel Agents.
  • Hong Kong Inbound Tour Operators
  • The Hong Kong Association of Registered Tour Co-Ordinator (HARTCO)